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Welcome to Aviation, Travel‚ & Fiction

An insight into Author Sandy Parks

I learned to fly recreational aircraft at Edwards Air Force Base on a short runway that paralleled a 15,000ft one where the Space Shuttle once landed. For flyers who love clear skies, wide-open spaces, and pioneering projects, this was “God’s country.” Most aircraft in the Air Force arsenal were tested at this test base and at any particular moment a diverse array of aircraft could be seen in the pattern. The rumble of a B-1 bomber passing over my little Cessna in my training days left a lasting impression, one I turned into writing fiction. 

HOLT Award of Merit BBB Finalist

Exciting News

The good news keeps coming! REPOSSESSED has won a Maggie for Novel with Romantic Elements from GRW and placed second in the Orange County California RWA Book Buyers Best contest.

REPOSSESSED has won the Kiss of Death Daphne du Maurier Mainstream Award for Mystery and Suspense, a HOLT Award of Merit, is a finalist in the 2013 Maggies and Book Buyers Best national contests, and placed second in the Romantic Elements category in the Write Touch Readers Award.


My Latest Book is Out

REPOSSESSED is now available. I enjoyed creating highly skilled, but flawed characters, and sent them to Rio de Janeiro amid challenging <Repo cover>circumstances. They must locate a top-of-the-line business jet, and then snatch it from the clutches of a psychopathic owner...all without drawing a weapon.

Check out the teaser at the start of the book.


REPOSSESSED Back Cover Blurb

"When Brazilian gem dealer Maximilian Furst stops making payments on his fifty million dollar business jet, “Hawker” Dunlop, reclusive owner of a high-end recovery company, sends a resourceful team to Rio to repossess the aircraft.

Dunlop’s newest hire, ex-military pilot Amelia “Jet” Walczynski, has the perfect skills for infiltrating Furst’s inner circle and flying away the targeted plane. The assignment appears straightforward until Jet discovers Furst is a sociopath and knows she is after his aircraft. Her promised support team, a Greek lawyer avenging his brother’s death, a conman who sidelines as their scout, and a mechanic who paints her nails to match the country of operation, appear a hindrance rather than help. Jet finds it hard to play nice with her teammates when their private agendas put her life at risk. Yet, the closer she gets to Furst and the plane, the more she and her team will have to rely on each other to complete the repossession."


For those that get hooked on the repo team and want a preview of how Jet got her start in repossessing high end aircraft, I've provided a scene that was cut from the start of the book.

Aviation Tidbit

I had taken a break from my job on a flight data collection project to watch a test flight. At the end of the long runway stretching along Muroc dry lakebed, a white F-111 aircraft with NASA painted in red letters waited for takeoff. The sweeping wings of the plane had been removed and replaced by ones which changed shape (camber) instead of utilizing flaps and ailerons. Those in the NASA control room and pilots on board sought to discover if these experimental wings worked better than their tried and true counterparts.


I can only imagine going Mach and the dangers, concentration, and calm nerves required to put an aircraft through a test flight, but I understand the toll on minds and bodies, and the encompassing thrill after every flight. Later, when I moved from the base to another assignment, the office in which I worked gave me a cherished replica of that NASA F-111 test aircraft.











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I had this photo of family friend, Jackie, in my header and enough people asked if it was me (they missed the credits below). Blonds do have more fun, but Jackie has done the only military flying. Is our hair color real...only our hairdressers know for sure. Photo courtesy of Jackie Parker, first female Air Force Test Pilot.

(Header photos are from top to bottom and left to right)

T-38 student pilots landing, Sheppard AFB, TX (photo by Parks)

Wright "B" Flyer Replica, Melbourne Air Show, FL (photo by Parks). For info on a similar flying Model B check out this youtube video, or watch the launch and short flight of a replica of the orginal Model III.

USAF Thunderbird Photo taken by Sandy at Academy graduation of niece Katy Moffett

Gulfstream 550 (photo by Javier Malory)

USAF Academy Cross-country team readying for takeoff (photo by Academy pilot)

USAF Academy jump plane (photo by Parks)

Stearman Biplane, Sun-N-Fun, Lakeland, Florida (photo by Parks)

F-16 pilot, Edwards AFB, CA (photo courtesy of pilot)