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Who is Sandy Parks?

Sandy learned to fly recreational aircraft at Edwards Air Force Base on a short runway that paralleled a 15,000ft one where the Space Shuttle once landed. For flyers who love clear skies, wide-open spaces, and pioneering projects, this was “God’s country.” Most aircraft in the Air Force arsenal were tested at this test base and at any particular moment a diverse array of aircraft could be seen in the pattern. The rumble of a B-1 bomber passing over her little Cessna in those training days left a lasting impression, one she turned into writing fiction.

Adventure Thrillers

Taking Risks

Taking Risks Series

Exciting News: OFF THE CHART, Book 2 in the Taking Risks series, has won a 2017 Maggie Award for Excellence.


Helicopter pilot Joni Bell believes her life is once again under control after a failed covert rescue mission two years ago cost the life of a dignitary’s child. Out of the US military and relocated to South Africa, she test-flies a prototype Special Forces craft unaware her past has already caught up. Her skill set is just what the CIA and South African government need to address a sensitive international issue brewing in the struggling country across the border. They coerce her into flying the craft into Zimbabwe to smuggle out top-secret information secured by wildlife manager Ian Taljaard. Once in the country, Joni discovers she and Taljaard have different visions for the rapidly changing mission. Her presence in the country is betrayed, another child is put at risk, and a deadly Zimbabwean operative and his team pick up their tail. As they evade capture in bush country, their encounters with the enemy reveal Ian is more mysterious and dangerous than his bio disclosed. With deceptions rampant on both sides and stakes rising, it will take both their skills to slip under the radar of a deadly enemy and escape.

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Hawker INC Series

REPOSSESSED had a great showing in five national contests. The book won the Daphne du Maurier Mainstream Award for Mystery and Suspense, a Maggie Award for Novel with Romantic Elements, a HOLT Award of Merit, and placed second in the Book Buyers Best and Write Touch Readers Award.


"When Brazilian gem dealer Maximilian Furst stops making payments on his fifty million dollar business jet, “Hawker” Dunlop, reclusive owner of a high-end recovery company, sends a resourceful team to Rio to repossess the aircraft.

Dunlop’s newest hire, ex-military pilot Amelia “Jet” Walczynski, has the perfect skills for infiltrating Furst’s inner circle and flying away the targeted plane. The assignment appears straightforward until Jet discovers Furst is a sociopath and knows she is after his aircraft. Her promised support team, a Greek lawyer avenging his brother’s death, a conman who sidelines as their scout, and a mechanic who paints her nails to match the country of operation, appear a hindrance rather than help. Jet finds it hard to play nice with her teammates when their private agendas put her life at risk. Yet, the closer she gets to Furst and the plane, the more she and her team will have to rely on each other to complete the repossession."



Science Fiction Thrillers

Out Now

Take adventure thrillers Sandy loves to write and add a science fiction twist with characters able to manipulate their life energy, and you have the Infinity Solution series. The first three books in the series are set to release in 2018. Read more about the Infinity Solution Series.

True Airspeed Blog

Join short ventures into aviation and travel at Sandy's BLOG.

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